Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi everyone, well what a beginning to the new year! Floods, fires, cyclones. So many tragedies. To watch the aftermath of the Queensland floods was heartbreaking. My hometown of Ipswich suffered badly. I have not lived there since I was a young girl, but have relatives there,  a couple  of them who are very elderly and I am so grateful that they are safe.
Then to see the awesome rescue people, and the ones that sheltered, clothed and fed everyone, you are truly Angels on Earth. I think you are just awesome!!!! no praise would suffice!
I also know that things have not been so good over there in the U.S. in fact I have a penpal (several in fact for nearly 20 years) and my friend in Georgia has had snow for the first time in 128 years!!!!!
It is just so wonderful also to see the help from bloggers, not only in Australia, but overseas-( Cyndi at bluebirdswing) is one I know that has made and donated a quilt and many others have helped out too! you are so kind and generous, and I am sure there are many others. All of us Quilting/Craft  people really know how to pitch in and send help and love to those in need!!! You are all wonderful.
There have been collections of soft toys (hugglies) from  Leanne at and also there  are many ladies  making up sewing kits, in a drawstring bag, which will include perhaps, a couch companion, scissors, threads, needles, FQ's, pins and so on to at least let our fellow stitchers have start on perhaps keeping their minds off their problems even if for a little while. I am sure, even knowing that there is someone thinking of you and your plight must be a great help.!
A lot of ladies also had online auctions of their quilts!
You probably know that I am quite new to blogging, just finding my way around. I have no grandkids living near here to be the experts-lol. so I am just muddling along..... I,  however am following a lot of blogs. and enjoying them  so much.
 Gail ( missnance.blogspot) is setting something up, which might end up with myself and others having more lovely followers., through a blog hop.Anyway, I have decided after going in so many giveaways on the many blogs I visit, that I will have a really nice giveaway in April, to coincide with my birthday, and because of the generosity of most bloggers, it will be open to anyone anywhere  in this big wide world.  Blogging has opened my eyes to so much and the creativity and generosity of my fellow bloggers. For anyone who is interested in donating/ sending sewing implements, etc fot the sewing kits,  please contact
jennyof elefanz(at)yahoo(dot)com  or

Thank you fellow bloggers, you are the best. Hugs to you all!  Sandy!!!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, Sandy. Keep up the good work :)

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog Sandy, I enjoyed reading your blogs, im now a follower of yours too. Have a lovely evening.


  3. Enjoyed your thoughts . Sandy . Looking forward to many more. Hugs