Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Finish at Last!

I am so happy that I have one less UFO- or PHD (Projects Half Done- sounds impressive-LOL).
I did this stitchery for my Grandson's wife who is a High School teacher in the U.S.
It was started in early 2011 with the idea of it being a birthday gift last April!!
My original plan was to put it on the side of a tote, then thought a cushion might be good, but finally decided on a wall hanging.
I needed to get it done before my grand-daughter goes over for a holiday later this month as she offered to deliver the Christmas presents for us, which saved a LOT in postage. :)
I am in the process of listing everything that needs finishing and will post it on here asap, and also on Sew It's Finished blog.
here is the wall hanging..........

I had to take one snap sideways, but still didn't get it all in.


  1. Lovely wall hanging Sandy,I'm sure she'll love it :) Barb.

  2. Well done Sandy, I feels so great to finally complete a project.. I have so many that probably only require an hour or two of effort.. maybe I shouls have one week a month dedicated to UFO sightings. xxx
    Button Bliss

  3. Sandy, lovely work you've done!

  4. It's very pretty and I LOVE the idea of having several PHD's!

  5. Good on you for completing another project. Another gorgeous stitchery there Sandy.

  6. Such a nice stitchery...thanks for sharing it with us. =)


  7. Nice wall hanging. I like the PHD's. I have so many of those. The year of the big Finish.:)